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gothicmen's Journal

Gothic Men's Fashion Community
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All Members , Moderated
A fashion resource and haven for our oft-sleighted gothic men and their dark fashion sensibilities. Fed up with the poor selection of men's clothing in the alternative fashion clothing? Eager to show off your latest creation? Want to discuss some solutions or share a new find? Join here!

You certainly don't have to be male to join gothicmen, as many lovely gothic ladies are excellent seamstresses for their men or have a vested interest in the development of men's fashion. Just please keep the discussions and pictures limited to MEN'S gothic fashion. Thanks!

General Rules:
-Picture-posting IS ALLOWED, but please use the lj-cut tag for pictures after 1 or large pictures. Pictures should be pertaining to MEN'S gothic fashion.
-Posts that are greatly off-topic or offensive will be removed.
-No nudity in photographs. Period.
-Auction and clothing site advertising is allowed, but must be clearly relevant to the topic of MEN'S gothic fashion.

community maintained by bohemienne, who is not male, but is a big fan of gothic men's fashion nonetheless